The goal is to produce very ripe grapes in the most natural manner possible:
- The pruned vine shoots which have been ground are mixed with soil dug up during plowing. In a few plots where that's not enough, we choose fertilizers in favour of those which are organic and of natural origin (manure).
- The spreading out of the plant along the vine row is maximized by the pruning and training of the plant (debudding, green harvesting and leaf thinning). Thus, the grapes benefit from more air and sun permitting them to ripen well.
- Lastly, our adherence to sustainable development principles: this means less treatments, at a lower dose, preferring to use the most environmentally-friendly products, and ensuring full traceability of our practices. Our approach is therefore Terra Vitis certified for the respect of the environment, people and the wines produced. It is recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture as having "H.V.E", meaning High Environmental Value.


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